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At the Arabian Development Company we always ensure extremely strict standards with regards to quality. We have an ingrained habit to check and double check quality, coupled with our passion to consistently improve our processes, which helps us to consistently maintain the highest standards.

We continuously strive to take steps that keep our quality high in terms of products and processes.

Trusted Suppliers

We only work with trustworthy and established suppliers who are committed to delivering the highest standard products to us.

We train our suppliers on the best methods of transportation to ensure minimal or no quality loss.

We carefully select our suppliers. We undergo strict standard assessment procedures and tests to ensure that only those who are correct partners for us become suppliers. These suppliers must then maintain the quality required. This selection is based not only on arrival, but we maintain rigorous training make sure products are handled in a manner that will help to maintain the quality of our products for the maximum period of time.

Quality Assurance

When checking quality we complete both visual and lab testing of the received product. All products are checked with regards to the specific content of the delivery, there is no “one size fits all” approach to quality checking.

Further tests are completed at the packing stage before any products are released by us. This enables us to terminate any low quality grains, therefore these grains never form part of our final product.

After packing one more stage of visual inspection is carried out before sending the final product to be dispatched.

Our Experience

Due to our high level of understanding and experience of the effects of variations in temperature and numerous other factors the commodity packing is carried out in a stringent manner to maintain high standards for local delivery or export.

This ensures quality when goods are transported for longer periods of time by road or by sea.

We only use transport and shipping services from the most dependable logistics service providers. Again, we make personal checks to ensure that they can meet our quality standards. 

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